Maja Miljevic

Maja Miljevic

Zdrava logika - Bosnia & Herzegovina

CEO and Owner

Zdrava Logika


Maja is economist, entrepreneur and marketing manager from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is always eager to learn somethnig new and interesting. Her interest are wide from cycling, reading economic newsletters and planting her own wegetables to developing marketing plans for smaller bussines.

Zdrava logika has been founded on the idea. The idea is quite simple, yet effective – gather organic producers in one place and help them to spread their products through the web platform. The aim which lives through the idea is to strengthen, educate and train organic producers in order to produce healthier and better products. By educating producers and producing more we are raising awareness of the community toward organic production and products, their efects and benefits.

In February 2017, we networked with similar businesses Fress with whom we operate together on the whole region of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This cooperation gave us the opportunity to spread our products beyond borders of BiH.

We have 24 cooperants, 30 hectars of land on which we produce and 28 different cultures. Our market are individuals to whom we home deliver our products and legal entities – restaurants who are in need of organic products.