Natalija Ranisavljevic

Natalija Ranisavljevic

Forecast Ads - Serbia

Founder & CEO

Forecast Ads

Natalija has a Master’s degree in Business Systems in Tourism & Hospitality, information technology in online systems in Tourism and Hospitality.

Forecast Ads is a media company focusing on new age digital marketing. Forecast Ads is unique tool for monetization of Browser extensions. They are working 90% in US, UK, CA, AU, and have clients from those countries.  Forecast Ads is a unique advertising platform, where software developer can advertise their digital product and on the other side company makea additional revenue for extension developer. Their system have AI and Smart technology behind – and this is how system makes decisions about how and when to show the ads. They are direct media providers and their main focus is providing high quality PC campaigns.  Focus is to satisfy both sides of the trade, users and advertisers. Their campaigns are Content Targeted. Using this methodology the right product is displayed to the right costumer.