Nerajda Dado

Nerajda Dado

Carrot’s Art - Albania

Founder & CEO

Carrot’s Art


Nerajda is a 26 years old artist. She has finished her studies for Fine Art in University of Arts Albania. She does handmade works trying to create a unique style. She has an 8 years work experience in managing her own business Carrot’s Art, which is a personalised gift shop.

Main activity is producing different gifts based on client’s perception and idea. Clients contact them and describe their ideal gift, also they describe the person, to whom they want to give it. They do offer a variety of products based on Client proposals also. Some of the products that Carrot’s Art offers are :

  1. Personalised caricatures – It is something funny, one can put all their memories, quotes, characteristic clothes and mood of living.
  2. Personalised jewellery – In this product we can design their caricatures, their favourite paint, etc.
  3. Personalised lamp