Nguyen Thu Trang

Nguyen Thu Trang

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Tipsy Art

Nguyen Thu Trang held a Bachelor Degree in Public Policy with Minor in Philosophy from Hamilton College, USA and always has passion for business.

With the vision to reinvent the way Vietnamese people approach arts and experience life, Tipsy Art facilitates, organizes and provides painting events for people who have never painted before. During a 3-hour event at a local coffee shop, our art instructors give step-by-step instructions and help participants replicate a pre-chosen painting to bring home. Think how karaoke is for non-singers to sing, Tipsy Art is an art event for participants to explore their inner-artist selves. We hold our events every weekend at artsy coffee shops when they’re least busy. Participants get inspired with a seemingly out-of-reach experience, spend time with friends, families, loved one, make memories and make new friends. Tipsy Art will continue to expand to other experience designs for our existing and new customers.