Better paying jobs for women

Women represent a proven improvement in productivity, proving to adapt better to changes and representing a more stable human resource in the workplace.

A recent study revealed that hiring women for a company helps to stimulate the protection of their rights in society, and also implies good business. The following are the most important advantages of hiring women in a company.

Access to varied talent available in the labour market

Today there are an increasing number of degrees, professionally trained staff and university graduates who are a huge advantage in terms of discovering new talent that is valuable to business competition.

Higher productivity rate

It is proven that an environment where men and women work equally, tends to see an exponential increase in performance, as well as the presentation of creative solutions to common problems, assuming that, diversity is a key factor for the advancement of companies in the future.

Strength in teams and their dynamics

Women have very important communication skills, including the ability to group people together and establish an open and constructive dialectic. This skill is very valuable in the business environment, since constructive communication is key to job performance.

These dynamics strengthen teams, successfully optimizing decision-making processes in the face of problems.


Multifaceted presence that allows frequent staff rotation

Women tend to be multi-faceted, attending to several functions at once, which means significant savings in personnel costs, since companies can use multi-tasking capabilities to assign different responsibilities to trained female personnel, who have this innate ability.

Improved working environment

Women have better communication skills, as they tend to be more empathetic and address the person around their needs, having a better predisposition to communication, this is usually key when seeking solutions to conflicts and solving communication problems between departments.

Currently the female working population comprises 40% worldwide, not to mention that many of them manage to start their own businesses, in addition it is estimated that their productive output valued at 48% is not fully used.

Investment in programmes for women’s initiatives at work

Investment in programs that encourage women in the workplace, create an environment conducive to generating profits, and increase the benefits for women in the workplace and their employers, many companies that have invested in these programs are still seeing significant returns.

Short- and long-term benefits

Some of the more general advantages are in the short and long term, it is understood that in the short term there is an improvement in the decrease of personnel costs, using rotating personnel and decrease of absence from work as women tend to be more responsible.

In the long term, there may be factors that build the corporate image, gains in attractiveness, discovery of talent and improved levels of innovation in the diverse workforce.

In sales and business representation

Women have a great strength of conviction, assuming a great success in terms of business representation, this can increase the portfolio of clients in record time, adapting easily to the consumer and offering the necessary knowledge adapted to the needs of this.

It is understood that, worldwide, women influence up to 80% of the decisions that a person can make, especially in the area of purchasing.

In conclusion, the recruitment of women in the business environment has a wide range of advantages, from the multi-focused performance area, to the representation, commitment, communication and coordination skills that they present in the business labour market. 

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