Recognized Women Entrepreneurs

Women face a professional limit to access top management positions known as the glass ceiling, despite the fact that more middle managers are being appointed and companies are realising the benefits that female thinking brings to a business.

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Today, women are listed as Forbes billionaires. This is because women are as assertive as men and instead of fighting for a specific position, they have the ability to enter  management positions that varies by culture, with many senior-level executives in China, but Latin America still faces a deeply macho culture. 

In this region and in Africa, there are many women entrepreneurs who lift their families out of poverty with their own businesses and into the economy to change this trend. Entrepreneurship has become the best tool for today’s women to run a company.

Recognized Women Entrepreneurs

Oprah Winfrey

The so-called queen of television has managed to form a media empire that includes a television channel, a production company (Harpo) and a series of books and magazines.  The talk show hostess was born in a poor community in Missippi and suffered sexual abuse as a child. Oprah was able to take control of her life to start as a commentator and later as a producer.  

Diane von Furstenberg

This fashion designer is famous in the industry for favoring the mentoring system in her company and for sheltering the dreams of young talent in her company. Despite being the ex-wife of German Prince Egon of Furstenberg, Diane refused to be locked into a life of high society by starting her own company.  

Her wrap dresses are synonymous with empowerment for professional women around the world, which led her to become president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a member of the board of directors of Vital Voices, and a leading proponent of women’s entrepreneurship.

Madame CJ Walker

This entrepreneur started out as a cotton picker, daughter of former Louisiana slaves. Walker, who was orphaned at age six and a mother shortly after age 14, started a line of cosmetics and hair care products for African-American women at a time when segregation was still a reality.  


Ashley Qualls

This entrepreneur began her journey in business at age 14 when she opened where she helped design MySpace pages and taught design and basic programming.  Through a loan from her mother, Qualls managed to buy the domain name and have one of the first independent pages to get millions of hits per month.

Estée Lauder

Her name is synonymous with beauty and cosmetology, and she is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the United States. The daughter of immigrant parents, Estée launched a small cream business developed by a chemical uncle. Through sales at hotels and society clubs, Lauder was able to obtain a counter at Saks Fifth Avenue where she arranged for free samples.

Mary Kay Ash

Another success story born from beauty products. Mary Kay Ash is the woman who created Mary Kay Cosmetics, one of the most famous consultant sales businesses on the planet and the main rival of the Avon firm.  Born in Texas, Ash decided to start her own business when the company she works for refused to give her a promotion just because she’s a woman. 

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