Successful businesses run by women

The most important women leaders of the moment

More than 500 of the most important companies in the world have been analyzed, and it has been determined that only 29 of these, representing 5.8%, have a woman in the highest position as leader of the entire operation.

Although this is a small number, it is one size higher than previous years, proof that space is being made for powerful women capable of changing the rules of the business game.

Below are some of the most important companies in the world run by a woman.

General Motors

One of the most important companies in the world in the automotive industry, is led by Mary Barra, considered according to Fortune magazine, as one of the most powerful women in the business world.

From January 2014, Mary Barra acquired the position of CEO in this powerful company in replacement of Daniel Akerson, this reached the most important position to stay, changing the global positioning of the company, increasing its influence in the rest of the world, as one of the best entrepreneurs in history.

According to the rankings of the 100 most powerful people in the world, she is ranked number 5, and time magazine mentions her as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet.


In the famous Yahoo

This company was sold by 2017, giving Marissa Mayer the sum of 23 million dollars, in addition this successful woman was as one of the most important resources for 13 years in google.

PepsiCo also participates

This important soft drink company recognized worldwide has Indra Nooyi as its leader, assuming the position of CEO since 2006, being one of the first women to assume the highest position in a company.

This successful woman collaborates with a promise imposed on the company, which is to do the right thing for people and for the planet, after a decade in the command the company has greatly improved its position and sales in the world.

The company suffered a significant increase of 73% of its shares, since she is at the helm, representing a strong evidence of the entrepreneurial success of this business woman.

Mondeléz International

Irene Rosenfeld is the CEO of this company from 2012, since that time she has been named one of the most important women in the world, in addition to being named one of the most powerful, according to the Financial Times, Fortune and Forbes.

Youtube, the music platform

One of the most important web spaces for videos and news has as its leader Susan Wojcicki, taking over from 2014, named one of the most important workers in google, taking the 16th position, taking over the purchase of youtube.

From the moment youtube was bought by google, the quality of web space improved considerably under Susan’s leadership, stimulating the exponential growth of the company.

Oracle is one of the most important

The CEO of this company is called Safra A. Catz, occupying the highest position since 2014, changing several policies and maneuvers of the company to increase its offerings.

This successful businesswoman is ranked 10th among the most powerful women according to Fortune magazine.

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