Successful Women’s Businesses

Most of the companies were women has been successful is  in services such as tourism, travel, beauty salons or cosmetics, media, hotel business among others. 

While approximately 60% of business women, opted for trade, investing in opening restaurants or bakeries. However, it is estimated that a 40%  of the ventures were in manufacturing. The manufacture of products made by hand or machine, such as crafts, handicrafts or clothing.

Other sector that interest entrepreneur women is the agricultural sector accounted for 35% of women’s enterprises producing vegetables, crops or natural and ecological products.

Investments where women are successful

Women who run companies and businesses often encounter similar barriers in the development of their professional practice, both as entrepreneurs, as people responsible for the area of business creation and innovation, and as more general managers. 

It is a transversal issue that requires solid public policies, coherent with the strategic environment in which women live and adjusted to the digital transformation. 

Data from the GEM, Women’s Entrepreneurship Report yearbook points to trends that the gender pay gap is narrowing by only 5%,  and that, female entrepreneurship is growing by 10% annually, and the number of consolidated businesses led by women is increasing by 8% every year.  

This is good news, but there is room for improvement. Many of the great initiatives of women in Silicon Valley are related to health, fertility or the technological development itself, such as machine learning, and Internet of Things.

Diversity enriches the company and creates an environment conducive to innovation. it goes beyond the social environment, empathy or quality of work, which can be important issues, how ever it goes at the bottom line through active innovation. 

Companies with women in management positions offer better numbers in the long term because they tend to value other elements that are not limited to financial behaviour. This broader view of an organization’s behavior provides qualitative information about the welfare of employees, reputation in the industry, the accuracy of the figures projected in the business plan and other intangibles convertible into cash.

Oral communication and presentation to audiences is part of the business. Often, in presentations, managers give up their place in matters related to technical issues, operations and actual business functioning. 

This is a bad idea because it makes the investor believe that he or she is not at the heart of the business. Whoever asks for money in an investment round has to explain to his/her audience the soft part, which is strategy, vision, mission, but especially the hard part of the industry, where the customers are, how to make money, how to operate.

chicas lideres

Clothing and accessories

Clothing and accessories stores are one of the best businesses in different countries. Not only because it is one of the busiest in terms of trade but also because of the number of buyers each year, clothing and accessory stores are a very profitable investment of business women.

So if business women want to expand number of buyers even more, it is recommended that  affiliate their business to a web hosting and create a virtual store or make use of social networks to promote their business. Remember that businesses are in the digital era so, if business women know how to use the technological tools, the business will be even more profitable.


Almost everyone loves to eat, so it’s no wonder that another of the best businesses in which women invest is a food and beverage establishments. And although the competition in this area is quite high, women  are believed to make a business a success by being original and offering the best products, good service, a comfortable and pleasant environment and, what everyone likes, special promotions.

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