The Woman Leader

Women’s leadership is needed in teams, in organizations and in society, for everyone benefits from it. That is why leaders of both sexes are needed to complement each other.  

Women Leadership

Some of the characteristics that determine female leadership are: 

People orientation

They are sociable, expressive and close, which offers a lot of potential when it comes to achieving commitments, either with the organization’s objectives or in a particular project.

Tendency to cooperation

This makes teamwork more natural, since they are active in inclusion and contain people. They are also concerned about orderly and healthy processes. 


 Ability to act in many directions 

They have the innate ability to think and act in many directions or issues at the same time. This gives them an advantage when making decisions and facing crises.

Horizontal leadership 

Women’s leadership is inclusive, encourages participation and shares power and information with those it leads to. It tends to create and strengthen group identities.

Emotional predominance

In general they are able to take into account the “human” side of people and generate high levels of empathy.

Greater willingness to change 

Their style is innovative, with a strong sense of quality, person-centred, flexible, communicative and persuasive.

Today’s organizations are flatter and more interconnected as changes are faster than before. Therefore, they need the characteristics of collaboration, empathy, sensitivity and consensus that are more associated with the feminine. In general, women tend to be more participative in finding the best solutions within the work team.

According to the researchers, by assuming the leadership role, women experience changes in their behavior, for some of their own characteristics are accentuated others that,  they had not had in their character appear very strongly.

Their capacity for analysis becomes very fast and precision in decision making is accelerated. When a woman has the opportunity to lead or take charge of a team, she takes it as a real challenge and puts the focus on the project she is carrying out.

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