Tips to improve gender equality in your company

One of the most fundamental factors in establishing equality is the premise of performing work of equal value for equal pay, which is one of the basic principles in the labour market.

For this reason, companies, with the aim of motivating and considering gender equality within their work environment, have taken the initiative to establish an equal salary, in addition to increasing women’s participation in it, and opening up spaces for positions of greater importance and rank.

In many cases, the transition to establishing equal gender conditions within a company’s working environment is not an easy task, due to the broad structure and organization of policies, which are often dispersed, making it difficult to identify the labor sectors affected.

This is why we offer some fundamental advice to stimulate gender equality in your company.

Identify imbalances in the workforce

The fact of hiring more women than men does not establish gender equality, imbalances must be identified that may be present in the work environment, fortunately this information is not difficult to obtain, you just have to pay attention and carry out a study.

The jobs and talents should be studied, without including the gender in between, always with the aim of establishing equal conditions.

On the other hand, salary conditions should be monitored and it should be determined why some earn less than others, according to the responsibility and hierarchy present in their job.

In general, women tend to be paid less with the same responsibilities or job position as men.

In addition, they tend to be in a higher proportion in lower positions, which means that women do not have the due merit to be promoted to a higher position according to their true abilities.

If this fact or phenomenon is perceived in the company, it should be investigated why this happens and if it is a question of gender segregation, policies should be changed immediately, otherwise, a motivational decrease in female personnel may be experienced, since this fact is discriminatory for them.


Study the benefits of having a balanced staff

One of the most general questions on this subject is how senior jobs are distributed, especially director and management positions.

To solve this question, the benefits of having a balanced staff must be considered.

It is now proven that having a balanced staff between men and women tends to improve profits and performance, due to the innate skills of each and their overall coordination.

It is not that women are better than men or vice versa, it is the fact that a mixed staff tends to work better, many times women have talent for communication, representing a very important advantage in the work dynamic.

On the other hand men tend to have a performance and contrasted criteria that help to take creative decisions, in short, both complement each other.

In the highest positions, gender should not be considered, policies based on merit, experience and seniority should be applied.

Beyond being a man or a woman, if they have sufficient capacity and experience to exercise a managerial position, they must be able to acquire it.

Seek to acquire a seal or certificate indicating gender equality

These certificates usually give a lot of merit and credibility to the company, this is an effective mechanism to establish a correct transition in the internal policies of the company.

To assess the company, different instruments are used, such as surveys to verify the status or organizational climate.

In addition, a study of the policies related to human resources is carried out, evaluating the equal opportunities of hiring, selection of personnel and stimulation of talent, present throughout the structure of the company.

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