Who have been the most successful women in history?

Who have been the most successful women in history?

Throughout history there is a wide range of women entrepreneurs, which contain such impressive success stories that are hard to believe today. Below is a brief history of some of the most successful women entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Madame CJ Walker

This is considered one of the most moving stories of strength recognized in the world, this lady named Sarah Breedlove, was the daughter of slaves in Louisiana, she started working in the plantations picking cotton.

She was orphaned at a very young age so she led a very hard life deprived of the fundamental elements to develop during her childhood, she became pregnant at the age of 14, however this was always a fighting and enterprising woman.

At one stage of her life she noticed that she was suffering from a strong hair loss, so she began to express fear for the fact of going bald or suffering from a hair disease, resorting to having the help of her barber brothers to experiment and try to develop a solution through some hair formula.

Between the experimentation with several products Sarah discovered a formula to promote hair growth, starting soon after a small company, creating a line of cosmetics exclusively for women of African-American origin.

 She started her business with the capital of only $1.25, beginning by selling her product door to door, a long and complicated process due to the racial segregation of the time, however she ended up being the first African-American woman to become a millionaire, a product of her hard work and entrepreneurship.

This woman died by 1919, leaving a fortune based on her business, which generated more than $500,000 annually.


Ashley Qualls, one of the most important

In his humble beginnings, he lived in a working class neighborhood in the city of Detroit, starting his business career at age 14 with a small capital contribution from his mother in the amount of $8.

Ashley invested this money to register her site Whateverlife.com, a page dedicated to designing templates for Myspace, in addition to teaching design and basic programming.

With the arrival of her first check, Ashley reinvested this money to continue designing, hiring some classmates from her local school to keep her business running, teaching them how to make templates of different designs.

Some time later she hired a group of programmers located in India, to develop an application capable of allowing users to create their own templates. By the time of the launch, the application already had around 28,000 users in the first week.

Today, Ashley’s business is worth more than $70,000 a month.

Estée Lauder has certainly left a unique mark

Of Hungarian and Jewish origin, her original name was Josephine Esther Mentzer, she started her business as a housewife, where she began to offer cosmetic products manufactured by her uncle, over time through the arduous promotion in hotels and society clubs she managed to set up her business and showcase at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she gave away free samples to potential customers.

Eventually she became one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the United States, by 2004 she has achieved enough profits to be considered a multi-millionaire, backed by the shares of Estée Lauder Companies.

In the beginning the brand was small and common, but through Estée’s hard work and foolproof strategies, the company progressively became one of the 7 most important companies in the country.

Caterina Fake has stood out for its success

She is an entrepreneur who stands out for the particularity of using modern technologies to seek success. In 1990, she was appointed art director of the website Salon.com, being strongly linked to the development of the online community.

In 1997, she took a job managing opinion forums in the Netscape community, and by 2002 in community with Stewart Butterfield and Jason Classon she co-founded Ludicorp, a company dedicated to developing an online role-playing game called Game Neverending.

Later Caterina and Butterfield start working on a website dedicated to photos called Flickr, becoming one of the most popular pages in the world.

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