Women in business and the role they play

As society advances, the presence of women in the business environment is increasingly noticed, occupying more and more important positions with greater purchasing power.

Throughout history, gender inequality has existed to the extent that women could not vote or perform professionally in the environment they wanted.

Today, these backward criteria that used to place women in an unequal position have disappeared, giving them an important position not only in the home but also in society and the competitive world of work.

This fact has exponentially improved the structure of society and the work environment, determining that female leadership is very positive, in addition to stimulating a diversity in the work environment that encourages an innovative and fresh profile in companies, creating a competitive advantage.

Women in the business environment

The cultural aspect of a company tends to improve and enrich itself when it acquires a greater number of profiles, implying an organizational change that strengthens it, making it capable of facing new environments and opportunities as criteria change and new values are adhered to.

The contrast that brings the female leadership in the companies make a perfect combination with the male, this helps that there is a diversity of positions and criteria that can lead companies in a better way, making it more diverse and avoiding that it becomes monolithic.

Diversity in the business environment offers a broader vision to solve the problems that arise, helping to find solutions faster, as well as detecting opportunities in the process more effectively.

This factor undoubtedly affects the daily movement of the company either in some aspects of losses and other gains, at the end of the day will be evaluating the performance of a human resource in business competition.

Main advantages presented by the role of women in the business environment

The entry of women in companies has been a great statistical advantage in several departments, although there is still a way to go in terms of giving women access to management positions, and the improvement that the presence of women in several company departments represents is well known.

The departments that have improved their statistics thanks to women are presented.


Customer service

This department has had an exponential increase in quality, since women lead this field, obtaining 67% improvement in quality and satisfied customers, as a result of women’s empathy and performance in customer service.

Human resources

Women tend to be more organized and systematic in their work, which makes them a valuable human resource, especially in the administrative field, obtaining a percentage of improvement of 55%, thanks to their great performance and commitment to work.

Administrative Department

Due to their ability to work in the administrative field, there is a great improvement of this department with the presence of women, obtaining 51% of performance, the ability to organize and establish a precise environment in the business has made women a very valuable resource in the administrative field.

Work communication

Communication is vital for solving problems. In the business environment, precise and fluid communication is vital, a skill that is acquired during professional training at the university.

The presence of women in the business environment has improved the communicational capacity of companies by 51.4%, this means an escalation in problem solving skills and stimulating communication between departments, achieving adequate coordination in all areas.

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